Saturday, March 8, 2014

The blog!

The purpose of this blog is to capture and put forth things I am most passionate about in a simple and organized manner. I will be reviewing several things and you may or may not agree with my views but if what I write helps you just a little, then my job here is done :)

The blog is divided into the following  sections:
1. Lafayette/West Lafayette, IN area restaurant review from a student's perspective (this was the original blog idea),
2. Makeup (my hauls and what I think of it. This section will also includes my IPSY monthly bag review/preview).
3. Fashion - Clothes, accessory, jewelry, shoes and handbags (a detailed review of things from my different hauls and what I think about it).
4. The Arts (Books, Movies, Plays, Music and other forms of Art that I love).
5. My travels (being a full time student doesn't give me a lot of time to travel but I try to make some time to do so every now and then)

I agree that there are so many blogs out there that do one or more of these things but this blog is not about competing with other blog. The idea is to be me and share a part of my world and my love with others.

Hope you have as much fun reading as I do writing!

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